Weight loss ( diet plan)

A Indian diet very easy to follow( vegetarian diet plan), It’s rich in micronutrients,high in omega -3. And fiber rich which aids weight loss,Anybody following the diet plan should drink lots of water aim for at least 40 mins exercise daily can lose easily upto 1-2 kg ( 2-4lb) Along with 10 mins brisk walk after lunch and dinner.Its a 1500 calorie diet plan.

items serving size calories protein(gms)
warm water with lemon 1 glass
skimmed/fat freemilk(without sugar 1glass(200ml) 90 8
poha/upma(with lots of veggies) 1cup 200 4
steel cut oat cooked in skimmed milk (no sugar)with half banana 1 cup 200 4
mid morning(11:00am)
almonds and walnuts 6+4halves 90 2
fruit(100gm) 1whole -1/2cup 60
LUNCH (1:00pm)
roti without ghee) 2(60gms) 160 2
veg (parwal,bhindi,zucchini,ladyfinger,cauliflower,palak,eggplant) 1 cup(200gm) 50 2
Dal(mothbean,mung, (1/2 cup (25-30gm) 125 7
Beets 5-6 slices 20
buttermilk 1glass 40 4
fruit 1whole(100gm) 60
Evening snacks(5:00pm)
sprouts chat(with tomatoes,cucmber,onions) 1/2cup 50 4
flaxseed/chia seed water 2tsp/4tsp(1glass water) 90 2
(soaked for at least3 hours)
Dinner 7:30pm
mungdalkhicdhi use steelcut oats or brownrice with lots of veggies 1 cup 200 8
buttermilk(not very thick medium consistency) 1 glass 40 4
10:00 PM
(watermelon/papaya/small apple/small orange 1/2 30
 TOTAL 1505 51
  • Healthy Tips-
  • Try to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily 
  • I don’t prefer shortenings in roti dough kneading dough very well works great.
  • Prefer coconut oil in cooking, it’s a medium chain triglycerides(  This means the fat can be rapidly oxidized as energy and is less likely to be stored as fat). Buy organic coconut oil.
  • Try to aim at least 2 veggies and fruits daily in form of salad,curry,inside sandwiches,khichdi,fresh smoothies. If weekdays are busy try to meet your goal on weekends.
  • Days you eating outside a very high calorie meal, buffet, in your next meal prefer a fresh green smoothies. It helps to detoxify body by removing free radicals caused by processed food.
  • In summer best low calories options would be buttermilk(made at home with fat free  yogurt),watermelon, cucumber and beet raita( no sugar and fat free yogurt).
  • Try to incorporate beets almost daily if possible( Beets are high in nitric oxide which release blood vessel ,decreases oxygen consumption and removes fatigue.
  • Aim to eat every two hours.

Indian high protein diet

Here is the sample high protein veg diet- 1 day plan( which has good source of protein,calcium,fiber and other important nutrients)

menu amounts calories protein(gms)
milk 8oz/250ml/1cup 90 8
roti/whole wheat bread 2 160 4
paneer bhruji(add lots of veggies)          1/4 cup 150 8
mid morning
Mix sprouts with veggies and peanuts 1 cup/10 peanuts 125 7
watermelon 1 cup or 1 slice 60
besan roti(missi) 2(thin with tsp ghee) 200 6
lentil (brown ,green,yellow)dal 1 cup 250 14
spinach /potato sabji 1 cup(200gms) 120 3
carrot/beet/cucumber raita 1/2 cup 85 4
evening snacks
milk 1cup/8oz/250 ml 90 8
black chana chat 1 cup 150 14
(add onion tomato,mint chutney)
orange 1 medium 60
grilled sandwich
bread(whole wheat) 2 slices 160 4
paneer 1oz (1/4 cup) 90 8
hummus 1/4c 100 7
veggies of choice 1cup 25 1
1915 96

Protein content also varies on preparation style,like some prepare pulses curry, dal thick  and some prepare very thin and watery. Make sure to drinks lots of water on a high protein diet.




WHAT IS CARBOHYDRATE- It is the one of the most important macronutrient.

Function- CHO serves as essential function for us,Carbohydrate serve as the body’s preferred energy source and help to fight against fatigue and exhaustion especially from prolonged workout (more than 60 mins). Carbohydrate can be used for energy during anaerobic and aerobic exercise .When carbohydrate is readily available body,body does not break down protein or fat.

Benefits- Healthy Carbs choices in appropriate amount benefits athletic performance,weight management.

STORAGE OF CARBOHYDRATE-Carbohydrates consumed in the diet that are not immediately used for energy are stored in the liver and muscle as glycogen. Approximately 90gms in stored in liver and 150gm glycogen in muscle.This amount of glycogen is stored is increased with physical training and carbohydrate loading.

REQUIREMENT-Carbohydrate requirement is 45 to 65% of total calories. On a average person consume 2000 calories should consume 225 to 325 gms/day or consuming 6 to 10 g/kg of body.

1 gram of carbohydrate=4 calories

Carbohydrate structure- carbohydrates are two categories

1)simple-They are 2 types

a)monosaccharides- Glucose,fructose,galactose

b)disaccharides- lactose ,sucrose,maltose

2)complex-They are 2 types

a)oligosaccharides- This types of carbohydrates are (found in fruits and vegetables)

b) polysaccharides-starch,fiber and glycogen are most complex types of carbohydrates

Hormone role in regulation of carbohydrate– Blood glucose regulation are maintained by 2 hormone- insulin and glucagon.Both hormones are produced in pancreas.

  • 1)When meal is consumed ,blood glucose rises and insulin is released into blood, Insulin helps body turn blood sugar (glucose) into energy.While excess is taken by Insulin to store it in muscles, fat cells, and liver to use later, so excess glucose is stored into fat.
  • 2)And when blood glucose decreases glucagon hormone is released from liver to break glycogen to release glucose for energy and when glycogen store is depleted glucagon uses fat for fuel.


  • Everyone knows today’s popular diets,media hyped stories have given a bad reputed image to carbs,Only carbohydrates such as refined sugars and processed foods can pose health and weight issues.Main reason for carbohydrate is considered bad is- That when person consume excess of it,which  gets converted into fat.
  • Be smart-  Not all carbohydrate are equal we need to learn to eat more complex and few simple carbs in our diet.What matter is not just carbohydrate but the glycemic index of carbohydrate,( higher glycemic index higher blood glucose response ,extent of processing ,other food consumed with carbohydrate ( like protein and fat ).
  • Extreme low carb diet(under 100gm carbs/day)-Science behind such diet is people who restricts extreme amount of carbohydrates see results quickly on weighing scale. Truth is thier majority of weight loss comes from water. Because when body doesn’t get enough blood glucose,body breaks glycogen for energy and this glycogen requires water for storage.(each gram of glycogen is made of 3-4 hefty grams of water).so when glycogen stores is depleted we lose water. So finally what we lose is water weight(no fat loss). What matters is the rate of energy expenditure, rather than simply the percentage of energy expenditure derived from macronutrient.


SOURCE- ACE nutrition manual


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Saving Fruits and Veggies

If you buying a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables these days on your goal of healthy eating. Then it’s well worth knowing something about ethylene.

Ethylene(this gas is-invisible and odorless)-   it’s a natural plant hormone released in the form of a gas. Ethylene gas when released leads certain fruits and veggies to turn softer and overiped. Therefore reducing exposure to ethylene slows the natural ripening, thereby extending produce shelf life. While some fruits and vegetables are high ethylene producers, others are more sensitive to it so make. fruits produce more ethylene than vegetables do.

So when we don’t want our fruits and veggies to get ripped and spoiled it’s important we make sure they are separated out.

For eg-

For example,

  • bananas produce high levels of ethylene, so if you store ethylene sensitive potato,kiwi with a ripe banana it will ripen more quickly.
  • Apples give off large amounts of ethylene, so they hasten the ripening of many other fruits and vegetables.

List of ethylene producing fruits and veggies -(Print out the chart to keep handy in your kitchen)














Separate your fresh produce in the fridge/or kitchen countertop and be prepared to eat it quickly (in a few days, in most cases) to retain freshness.  If you store ethylene producing fruits and veggies in fridge store them in  different compartment of fridge using paper bags,this will not create excess moisture. By doing this, you’ll drastically cut down on fresh produce waste.




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Am not a big fan of caffeine drinks, i just enjoy my 1 cup of chai(indian black tea) everyday, and no other forms of caffeine,but that’s ME. Am sure most of us rely on caffeine(coffee/tea) to wake us up and quick start our day.

Caffeine is a strong stimulant found in Coffee,tea,soft drinks,chocolates and other drinks. Caffeine rapidly enters the bloodstream and within 40 to 60 minutes reaches all organs of our body, which results into physiological changes and its effect last upto 6 hours.

DOSAGE-For healthy adults with no medical issues, it is generally agreed upon that 300mg-400mg of caffeine can be consumed daily without any adverse effects.

Weight loss caffeine- Caffeine is considered as stimulant,enhances the performance by stimulating the metabolism, it helps to improve performance by removing fatigue and pain. So when person is on a weight loss and takes a product/drinks with high caffeine before exercise. It causes a liver to release extra glucose into bloodstream spares muscle glycogen stores(inhibits the breakdown of muscle glycogen (stored carbohydrate in the muscles) (Armstrong 2002).So to some extent it helps in weight loss without fatigue.

But is it beneficial in long run?– Using caffeine for weight loss is a bad idea,we do see result in the beginning but as soon as body adapts the caffeine dosage, we may not see effective performance. Our brain and body adapts the chronic caffeine usage. At end we may get affected and frustrated with low performance.And when person keep on increasing caffeine dosage ,for better results it leads to some side effects,which is dangerous.



  • Chronic high caffeine contributes to high blood pressure,high sugar,sleeplessness,irritability,frequent urination etc.
  • Caffeine is considered diuretic For eg if hydration levels are low and caffeine intake is more, people may see some weight loss.(not a good form of weight loss)!!

REASON- diuretics causes fluid depletion, electrolyte imbalance, sodium depletion and potassium depletion, it also results in muscle cramping. We don’t lose fat but we loss water and electrolyte, which may make us few pounds lighter people may think that those magical caffeine drinks and food product works.


  • If you enjoy 1-2 cups of coffee ,tea there is nothing wrong in it. There is no added benefits of 1-2 cups of caffeine from tea and coffee, neither any  harm.It’s very controversial to say  that there are health benefits of caffeine found in regular coffee and tea when consumed in small amount.Benefits may be seen probably with large dosage due to the high antioxidant levels .When it comes to weight For those who considering weight loss Caffeine has been shown to increase sympathetic nervous system activity, thus releasing fatty acids from adipose and intramuscular tissues’ storage depots.
  • Sometimes people are more sensitive to caffeine than others, if you think that if you take caffeine, even one cup of coffee or tea you may see restlessness,sleeplessness. But excessive usage of caffeine for weight loss, its still controversial, so if you really like a cup of tea or coffee,pick your cup size depending on your mood,tolerance requirements, But limit to 1-2 cups/day.





Ace fitness nutrition manual.http://www.ideafit.com/fitness-library/fat-burning-update


Chia Seeds has hit the supermarket and health food stores big time, everyone talk about Health benefit of chia seeds.

WHAT ARE CHIA SEEDS- These tiny little black seeds are loaded with fibre,PUFA( polyunsaturated fatty acids ( omega-3),protein( essential amino acids),and other minerals.

WEIGHT LOSS- When it comes to weight loss there has been many studies done which has has shown chia seeds itself doesn’t aid in any weight loss, then why is chia seeds overrated when it comes to weight loss ??? Only practical reasons i was able to relate are following-

  1. When we start with any weight loss diet ,we start with controlling overall total daily calories. Do exercise in some form and start including superfoods like chia seeds,flax seeds. And when we see results after few months ,we give credits to superfoods which is not true completely.
  2. Second when we take chia seeds with a glass of water they keeps us full ,this helps to avoid overeating, which directly link to consuming less calories and people may link it to weight loss.


1)chia are high in soluble fibre,soluble fiber is the type that absorbs liquid and forms a gel—and this can help slow the absorption of sugar keeping glucose level in control and its soluble fiber helps in absorbing cholesterol from foods.

2) Chia seeds are rich source of omega 3( ALA) which means they may help in improving lipid profile. But humans are not good in absorbing ALA easily, the omega-3 fatty acids in chia seeds (ALA) are not nearly as potent as those found in fish or fish oil (EPA and DHA) so its still controversial.

BE SMART- I prefer chia seeds  in my daily diet because Chia seeds along with flaxseeds are among the best plant-based sources of omega-3 fatty acids, very rich in fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and protein. which have numerous benefits for health. But when it comes to weight loss don’t consider it as a miracle food in losing weight.


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SOURCE- ACE fitness nutrition manual.



Today Most trending talked about oil is coconut oil-

So does this means we should take all other types of fat out from pantry? Answer is no because it’s very important to do meal planning with a focus on different food types rather than just specific one nutrient. Same is about Coconut oil, just involving coconut oil will not make our health free of disease or will cause weight loss.

Coconut oil-it’s mostly composed of saturated fat called (LAURIC ACID). LAURIC ACID increases cholesterol ( but a good cholesterol HDL), so when saturated fat is compared to PUFA (polyunsaturated fat) it’s shown better results in cardiovascular diseases (jakobsen et al., 2009)



  • It’s not the amount of fat but quality of fat.( fat is calorie dense (9 calories/gm) compared to carbs and protein so take in limited amount. So even if you take coconut oil there should be in limited amount in daily diet.
  • Trans fat( like butter,vegetable shortening,margarine) should be avoided completely.
  • Coconut oil can be used along with  PUFA(safflower oil,flaxseed oil, AND MUFA(almond ,avocadoes,organic virgin olive oil),saturated fats ( like organic ghee(clarified butter)  sources to create balance of healthy fat in our diet.
  • Stay away from partially hydrogenated coconut oil( Trans Fat) , as it will raise LDL (bad cholesterol because this coconut oil ( its not pure unsaturated fat with lauric acid).
  • Buy only virgin organic coconut oil for beneficial effect on blood lipids.
  • So if you like cooking with coconut oil ,enjoy the benefits of it with a balanced a diet.


SOURCE-ace fitness nutrition manual

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