Don’t forget your protein

Protein and Muscles- BASICS-We all know importance of most talked about protein Whey,casein and soy. These 3 supplements are used for increasing muscle mass. But Whey protein ranks no 1 among all 3 because it’s easily digested and released faster amino acids for muscle resynthesis.Whey protein is quickly absorbed. Why this is important? Because our


Today morning i came across a very good article for vegans- PLANT–BASED SOURCES OF NUTRIENTS-Do you embrace a plant–based diet? If you’re avoiding dairy,animal products then do you get enough of all nutrients for your Bones?? MOST IMPORTANT  IS CALCIUM and VIT D-Calcium is an important mineral for building snap–resistant bones, as bones account for

Shifting towards plant based diet

“When we consistently eat whole foods they  helps to decrease inflammation and can help us recover faster. When we eat a well-balanced whole-foods diet, we maintain better energy levels, The key is to eat clean and incorporate as much variety as possible. PLANT BASED SOURCES OF KEY NUTRIENTS- Protein- protein powders,lentils,tempeh,hemp seeds vitamin K-dried plum,kale… Continue reading Shifting towards plant based diet