Weight loss in Hypothriodism

Sometimes clients with thyroid faces a weight loss issues it might be frustrating ,goal should be to discourage any food plan that creates a fear of food, sends mixed messages about what constitutes a healthy diet or is so restrictive that it leads to disordered behavior,frustration and stress. Stress-Under stress, your body releases the hormone

Control hunger before its too late

HOW HORMONES AFFECT OUR METABOLISM-Its very important to understand the hunger cues,restricting right calorie intake and ignoring hunger always leads to overeating. Hunger actually feels like a growling stomach, fatigue or a drop in energy.Many times with stress,hectic life,processed food our metabolism is disturbed and certain hormones plays a major role in it. GHRELIN-Ghrelin is


Today everyone talks about Eating right and doing exercise, but most important thing i believe is mindful eating with a reason. As it’s not just following healthy diet and burning calories.While attending a webinar from Elizabeth kovar , my thoughts are more involved into mindful eating ( understanding there is many other areas which need


MENOPAUSE – Ageing and menopause goes hand in hand ,sometimes womens neglect their health many times with sedentary lifestyle,emotional stress,depression, inappropriate diet,which makes matter worse sometimes. Drops in estrogen levels can trigger mood swings, hot flashes, weight gain, sleep loss or fatigue, if we neglect taking care of our body through diet and exercise we