Weight loss ( diet plan)

A Indian diet very easy to follow( vegetarian diet plan), It’s rich in micronutrients,high in omega -3. And fiber rich which aids weight loss,Anybody following the diet plan should drink lots of water aim for at least 40 mins exercise daily can lose easily upto 1-2 kg ( 2-4lb) Along with 10 mins brisk walk after lunch and dinner.Its a 1500 calorie diet plan.

items serving size calories protein(gms)
warm water with lemon 1 glass
skimmed/fat freemilk(without sugar 1glass(200ml) 90 8
poha/upma(with lots of veggies) 1cup 200 4
steel cut oat cooked in skimmed milk (no sugar)with half banana 1 cup 200 4
mid morning(11:00am)
almonds and walnuts 6+4halves 90 2
fruit(100gm) 1whole -1/2cup 60
LUNCH (1:00pm)
roti without ghee) 2(60gms) 160 2
veg (parwal,bhindi,zucchini,ladyfinger,cauliflower,palak,eggplant) 1 cup(200gm) 50 2
Dal(mothbean,mung, (1/2 cup (25-30gm) 125 7
Beets 5-6 slices 20
buttermilk 1glass 40 4
fruit 1whole(100gm) 60
Evening snacks(5:00pm)
sprouts chat(with tomatoes,cucmber,onions) 1/2cup 50 4
flaxseed/chia seed water 2tsp/4tsp(1glass water) 90 2
(soaked for at least3 hours)
Dinner 7:30pm
mungdalkhicdhi use steelcut oats or brownrice with lots of veggies 1 cup 200 8
buttermilk(not very thick medium consistency) 1 glass 40 4
10:00 PM
(watermelon/papaya/small apple/small orange 1/2 30
 TOTAL 1505 51
  • Healthy Tips-
  • Try to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily 
  • I don’t prefer shortenings in roti dough kneading dough very well works great.
  • Prefer coconut oil in cooking, it’s a medium chain triglycerides(  This means the fat can be rapidly oxidized as energy and is less likely to be stored as fat). Buy organic coconut oil.
  • Try to aim at least 2 veggies and fruits daily in form of salad,curry,inside sandwiches,khichdi,fresh smoothies. If weekdays are busy try to meet your goal on weekends.
  • Days you eating outside a very high calorie meal, buffet, in your next meal prefer a fresh green smoothies. It helps to detoxify body by removing free radicals caused by processed food.
  • In summer best low calories options would be buttermilk(made at home with fat free  yogurt),watermelon, cucumber and beet raita( no sugar and fat free yogurt).
  • Try to incorporate beets almost daily if possible( Beets are high in nitric oxide which release blood vessel ,decreases oxygen consumption and removes fatigue.
  • Aim to eat every two hours.

Glowing skin

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