IMPORTANCE OF PROTEIN ALONG WITH CARBS IN POST WORKOUT-High-protein diets—and their promises of muscle gain, weight loss and improved health—appeal to athletes,body builders,sports people etc etc The goal of post-exercise fueling is to replace muscle glycogen and begin regenerating muscle tissue. Adequate carbohydrate and protein feeding ,post-exercise helps restore glycogen and protein stores, respectively. However,

Flaxseed Cherry Bar

Flaxseed cherry bar-In india use of flaxseed has been from ancient time,It  has many health benefits a excellent source of omega 3 and fibre. It’s a healthy vegan/vegetarian recipe and easy to prepare. Ingredients- Raw finely chopped Almonds-1c Raw Flaxseed (powdered)meal-1/2c raw Raw sunflower/pumpkin seed-1/4c raisins-1/2c Cherry dried-1c honey-2 Tbsp orange/lemon zest-2tsp water-2 tbsp METHOD-Dry