Don’t forget your protein

Protein and Muscles- BASICS-We all know importance of most talked about protein Whey,casein and soy. These 3 supplements are used for increasing muscle mass. But Whey protein ranks no 1 among all 3 because it’s easily digested and released faster amino acids for muscle resynthesis.Whey protein is quickly absorbed. Why this is important? Because our


IMPORTANCE OF PROTEIN ALONG WITH CARBS IN POST WORKOUT-High-protein diets—and their promises of muscle gain, weight loss and improved health—appeal to athletes,body builders,sports people etc etc The goal of post-exercise fueling is to replace muscle glycogen and begin regenerating muscle tissue. Adequate carbohydrate and protein feeding ,post-exercise helps restore glycogen and protein stores, respectively. However,


Protein– protein is one of the important macronutrients along with carbohydrates and fat. 1gm protein provides 4 calories. Proteins are composed of long chains of amino acids. Proteins form the major structural components of muscles,brain,skin and hair. The important macronutrient serves as the transport mechanism for iron,vitamins,mineral,fats in the body. RECOMMENDATION-For adults the recommended daily

Indian high protein diet

Here is the sample high protein veg diet- 1 day plan( which has good source of protein,calcium,fiber and other important nutrients)

menu amounts calories protein(gms)
milk 8oz/250ml/1cup 90 8
roti/whole wheat bread 2 160 4
paneer bhruji(add lots of veggies)          1/4 cup 150 8
mid morning
Mix sprouts with veggies and peanuts 1 cup/10 peanuts 125 7
watermelon 1 cup or 1 slice 60
besan roti(missi) 2(thin with tsp ghee) 200 6
lentil (brown ,green,yellow)dal 1 cup 250 14
spinach /potato sabji 1 cup(200gms) 120 3
carrot/beet/cucumber raita 1/2 cup 85 4
evening snacks
milk 1cup/8oz/250 ml 90 8
black chana chat 1 cup 150 14
(add onion tomato,mint chutney)
orange 1 medium 60
grilled sandwich
bread(whole wheat) 2 slices 160 4
paneer 1oz (1/4 cup) 90 8
hummus 1/4c 100 7
veggies of choice 1cup 25 1
1915 96

Protein content also varies on preparation style,like some prepare pulses curry, dal thick  and some prepare very thin and watery. Make sure to drinks lots of water on a high protein diet.