Weight loss in Hypothriodism

Sometimes clients with thyroid faces a weight loss issues it might be frustrating ,goal should be to discourage any food plan that creates a fear of food, sends mixed messages about what constitutes a healthy diet or is so restrictive that it leads to disordered behavior,frustration and stress. Stress-Under stress, your body releases the hormone

Indian high protein diet

Here is the sample high protein veg diet- 1 day plan( which has good source of protein,calcium,fiber and other important nutrients)

menu amounts calories protein(gms)
milk 8oz/250ml/1cup 90 8
roti/whole wheat bread 2 160 4
paneer bhruji(add lots of veggies)          1/4 cup 150 8
mid morning
Mix sprouts with veggies and peanuts 1 cup/10 peanuts 125 7
watermelon 1 cup or 1 slice 60
besan roti(missi) 2(thin with tsp ghee) 200 6
lentil (brown ,green,yellow)dal 1 cup 250 14
spinach /potato sabji 1 cup(200gms) 120 3
carrot/beet/cucumber raita 1/2 cup 85 4
evening snacks
milk 1cup/8oz/250 ml 90 8
black chana chat 1 cup 150 14
(add onion tomato,mint chutney)
orange 1 medium 60
grilled sandwich
bread(whole wheat) 2 slices 160 4
paneer 1oz (1/4 cup) 90 8
hummus 1/4c 100 7
veggies of choice 1cup 25 1
1915 96

Protein content also varies on preparation style,like some prepare pulses curry, dal thick  and some prepare very thin and watery. Make sure to drinks lots of water on a high protein diet.



1700 calories Veg Indian diet plan

This is the most simple and easy to follow general diet plan for anyone. MENU AMOUNT CALORIES (KCAL) PROTEIN (GMS) EARLY MORNING milk( no sugar) 1 cup(250ml) 90 8 BREAKFAST dosa(plain) peanut chutney 2(prepared in very less oil) 2 tbsp 200 100 6 7 MID-MORNING strawberries/ banana/ apple 1 cup/small/small 60 — roasted peanut/sunflower seeds


From the  moment of conception, a pregnant woman’s body begins to adapt to meet the demands of the developing embryo and to create the most favorable environment for a growing baby. PHYSIOLOGICAL CHANGES- Once a woman becomes pregnant , the hormonal and physiological changes that take place during the course of a typical 40-week pregnancy.Many


Sample diet for 1500cal MENU AMOUNT CALORIES (KCAL) PROTEIN (GMS) CARBS(no of exc) EARLY MORNING milk(without sugar) 1 cup 90 8 1 **chia seeds(soaked in water) 1 tsp 45 2 BREAKFAST steel cut oats upma/whole cracked wheat upma with veg 1cup 200 6 2 flaxseed ** 1tbsp 45 1.2 milk( no sugar)fat free or 1%/yogurt