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GREAT SKIN STARTS WITH GREAT NUTRIENTS-  While searching a secret ingredients for glowing skin, and spending lot of money on creams,serum,lotions,and facials, We forgot to realize that answer is very simple, great skin starts with great and simple nutrients. A healthy diet and physical activity are two key source. RAINBOW DIET-colorful fruits and vegetables are


IT’S YOUR DIET THAT COUNTS- Today sometimes we are stressed out with so many articles coming out everyday ,with so many new superfoods in market. So many changes in dietary recommendations everyday may be stressful, but we have to understand diversity in diet is very important . I know with busy life putting up meals… Continue reading COLOURS IN DIET ALWAYS COUNT


Am not a big fan of caffeine drinks, i just enjoy my 1 cup of chai(indian black tea) everyday, and no other forms of caffeine,but that’s ME. Am sure most of us rely on caffeine(coffee/tea) to wake us up and quick start our day.

Caffeine is a strong stimulant found in Coffee,tea,soft drinks,chocolates and other drinks. Caffeine rapidly enters the bloodstream and within 40 to 60 minutes reaches all organs of our body, which results into physiological changes and its effect last upto 6 hours.

DOSAGE-For healthy adults with no medical issues, it is generally agreed upon that 300mg-400mg of caffeine can be consumed daily without any adverse effects.

Weight loss caffeine- Caffeine is considered as stimulant,enhances the performance by stimulating the metabolism, it helps to improve performance by removing fatigue and pain. So when person is on a weight loss and takes a product/drinks with high caffeine before exercise. It causes a liver to release extra glucose into bloodstream spares muscle glycogen stores(inhibits the breakdown of muscle glycogen (stored carbohydrate in the muscles) (Armstrong 2002).So to some extent it helps in weight loss without fatigue.

But is it beneficial in long run?– Using caffeine for weight loss is a bad idea,we do see result in the beginning but as soon as body adapts the caffeine dosage, we may not see effective performance. Our brain and body adapts the chronic caffeine usage. At end we may get affected and frustrated with low performance.And when person keep on increasing caffeine dosage ,for better results it leads to some side effects,which is dangerous.



  • Chronic high caffeine contributes to high blood pressure,high sugar,sleeplessness,irritability,frequent urination etc.
  • Caffeine is considered diuretic For eg if hydration levels are low and caffeine intake is more, people may see some weight loss.(not a good form of weight loss)!!

REASON- diuretics causes fluid depletion, electrolyte imbalance, sodium depletion and potassium depletion, it also results in muscle cramping. We don’t lose fat but we loss water and electrolyte, which may make us few pounds lighter people may think that those magical caffeine drinks and food product works.


  • If you enjoy 1-2 cups of coffee ,tea there is nothing wrong in it. There is no added benefits of 1-2 cups of caffeine from tea and coffee, neither any  harm.It’s very controversial to say  that there are health benefits of caffeine found in regular coffee and tea when consumed in small amount.Benefits may be seen probably with large dosage due to the high antioxidant levels .When it comes to weight For those who considering weight loss Caffeine has been shown to increase sympathetic nervous system activity, thus releasing fatty acids from adipose and intramuscular tissues’ storage depots.
  • Sometimes people are more sensitive to caffeine than others, if you think that if you take caffeine, even one cup of coffee or tea you may see restlessness,sleeplessness. But excessive usage of caffeine for weight loss, its still controversial, so if you really like a cup of tea or coffee,pick your cup size depending on your mood,tolerance requirements, But limit to 1-2 cups/day.



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