When we talked about stress sometime we don’t even know what really is going in our life ,we are so lost or extremely busy that we lose the ability to think and make a right decision ,Stress in today’s lifestyle plays a major role in Health concerns, we need to stop for a moment rethink and may be redesign our lifestyle if necessary.

Stress can come while managing  work, kid or financial crisis, and sometimes strict diet plan or exercise regime everything puts pressure and stress in our life.


1)Sometime we are for doing nothing and getting bored , surrounded by lethargy staying indoor most of the time and watching television. And we may feel we are stressed out but in fact we are not focused on goals which leads to-

  • Boredom
  • purposeless.

So it becomes very important to make our life busy by finding a right activity to keep us busy .

2)Sometimes our life is so stressed out due to managing kids, work or due to other reasons we are-

  • Freaked out
  • Depressed
  • Panicked

Either case our health and mind both are affected and it becomes very important to sit down take a deep breath write down our goals ,simplify the life, it’s in our hand to handle most factors except few intrinsic factors like genetics and environmental condition ( where you have to just let go).


Most happy individuals( who balance the stress just in right manner )are those who are full of energy ,try to reach their goal and learn from mistakes and moves on without a feeling of guilt)


  • Setting effective goals( SMART GOALS)
  • Taking one step at time so it doesn’t get to overwhelming
  • Ask for help from loved one or from a coach who can help you in process of change and making decision.

There may be  many challenges and commitments in our life which causes stress but simple things like walking in fresh air,soothing music,deep breathing,hot showers,playing with kids,cooking sometimes are most simplest way to get relief from stress.