POWER OF PLANT FOOD IN WEIGHT LOSS- Whenever we follow any weight loss plan it needs to be accompany with a good exercise plan, for that we need energy from right nutrients. There are RESEARCH PROVEN WAYS that plant based nutrients definitely shows results in weight loss. Plant sources like nuts, seeds, beetroot,spinach and radish try to include them daily in form of salad,smoothie,snacks etc

NUTS AND SEEDS– If you include more nuts and seeds which are  high in calories they lead to weight loss HOW?? yes they aid in weight loss because they deliver the nutrients needed for maximal energy and recovery. Variety of nuts and seeds provide fiber, magnesium and zinc as well as other nutrients to support healthy energy levels  because magnesium is key for energy (ATP) production and also for immune system functioning. So when you do your workouts you won’t feel low in energy due to reducing total calorie intake.Mindful portion throughout day will deliver great results This foods not only benefit the health, but also enhance their workouts.

Nuts and seeds are also rich in VITAMIN E ,which is not available in other foods, VITAMIN E is necessary to delay muscle fatigue and fiber from nuts and seeds provide fullness.

WHAT IS THE FUSS ABOUT NITRATES- Beets,spinach radish are high in nitrates, dietary nitrates which is a compound that is converted to nitric oxide in the body,Nitric oxide gas helps open blood vessels for greater blood flow and, as a result, enhances oxygen and nutrient delivery to working muscles. So even when you cut down on calories if you have nutrients high in nitric oxide they will help you reach goal without struggling hard.

BE SMART-Though most of us know vegetables and nuts provide good nutrition, but we should also know how to incorporate them in smart way in diet as they enhances our workouts. A big bowl of salad with nuts and seeds and nitrates rich veggies and beans is a great way to achieve results.