• When it comes to health and weight loss majority of us wait for Right day with focused version of ourselves. But in today’s life focus is on so many things, that RIGHT day never comes,while chasing a pot of money and fame many of us leave health behind. When our brain is lost in semi-chaotic life ,we are tired running for other things, we have to stop ,think and make decision right away.
  • Mostly benefits of fitness are often mistakenly linked with superficial goals such as getting ready for upcoming wedding ,preparing for next summer vacation etc but Fitness doesn’t mean we always to have set schedule daily or eat each meal need to be healthy vegan organic high protein etc. BE normal be yourself and get up and give a start doesn’t matter how many minutes what time.
  • REMEMBER brain cannot distinguish long term or short term goal we may choose to dive under a blanket on the couch to binge( with our  fav snack)-watch a show, eat comfort food which actually feel good. In this moment we are just doing harm to body though brain may feel good, but this is short term our long term health will be in danger.Fitness doesn’t require you to be perfect to deliver benefits nobody is perfect,but all we need is try and try.
  • GAINING weight or LOSING weight both is steady process and takes times, even if you don’t make progress stay with it. Don’t make fitness optional in your life, stay healthy and be happy

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