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GREAT SKIN STARTS WITH GREAT NUTRIENTS-  While searching a secret ingredients for glowing skin, and spending lot of money on creams,serum,lotions,and facials, We forgot to realize that answer is very simple, great skin starts with great and simple nutrients. A healthy diet and physical activity are two key source.

  • RAINBOW DIET-colorful fruits and vegetables are loaded with antioxidants, this diets improve skin tone and appearance. Try to incorporate more of following – carrots,beets,mango oranges,guava,watermelon ,berries,spinach simple and healthy nutrients.
  • WATER- Aim for 10-12 glasses of water,start your day with warm water and lemon. Vit C from lemons  is needed for collagen production for smooth, healthy skin. Water is vital for flushing waste products, It helps to keep skin plump and hydrated.
  • OMEGA -3- flaxseeds ,chia seeds keeps skin supple they have anti-inflammatory properties which helps to solve skin inflammation and redness and makes skin glowing and young. NUTS- Almonds, walnuts and other good fats like Avocado are other good sources of omega-3 fatty acids
  • WHOLE GRAINS- Quinoa,barley,millet,jowar,steel cut oats, bajra are complex grains are an excellent source of the B vitamins that are essential to release energy from carbohydrate, fats and protein during metabolism. So low carb diet is not answer as it make you low in energy .And you cannot exercise effectively.
  • EXERCISE-Regular exercise keeps skin vibrant by increasing blood flow, which bathes skin tissue in oxygen and important nutrients,Exercise encourages new cells to form and whisking away damaging toxins.
  • GOLDEN MILK- Turmeric has shown great benefits since ancient times. Active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin,it has shown great benefits in improving skin conditions,bruising ,skin wounds etc. A glass of turmeric milk before bedtime not only provides u skin benefits but helps in treating insomnia(sleeping problem). Makes morning much better.

Start your day with relaxing music, few deep breaths plan out your day effectively. So if you want perfect glow eat everything from all food group develop some energy for exercise, playing and running around with kids.

Take out  everyday 30 mins for yourself and you will see a difference. It doesn’t take  much out from your pocket if you eat balanced nutrition rather than visiting beauty salons. So you have more bangs for bucks in long run.


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