Belly Fat- Many of us struggle with belly, why we struggle so much?  Stress in today’s lifestyle and very high carb food. Are two major culprits.

POINT 1-At some point of life it’s US who we are to be blamed for .Starch and sugar combined with fat may represent the best combination if you want to gain belly fat. Starch and sugar raises insulin levels. It’s a job of insulin hormone to take excess glucose from blood and store into fat.More bad food =more insulin=more fat .This cycle keeps going on and on.Dont blame Insulin hormone ,we need to blame our diet.

POINT 2-Low carb diet and stress- On top of stressed life we do icing by adding more stress through a very low carb diet.-

seeing weighing scale not moving or going down we get stressed and also along with hectic life. To control weight  we sometimes go on a very low carb diet,(low blood sugar stresses the body and raises cortisol levels (Ebbeling et al. 2012);) Excess cortisol secretion for a longer time increases hunger and cravings. Therefore, you do not want to eat a diet that is too low in carbohydrates. Stress from low carb diet or from hectic busy life results into weight gain..

TARGET-Since insulin and cortisol produce the greatest negative impact on belly fat, they must be controlled first in a positive manner. This hormones are important but need to be balance.

  • Don’t let your body to go to the level where you develop insulin resistance. Where body fat increases to such a great extent as a result Insulin cannot perform his job,leading to diabetes (high blood sugar) and weight gain.
  • Its very easy we just need to divide carbs into equal proportion in our meals based on our physical activity.Complex carbs with protein and fiber keeps belly fat at bay.
  • Don’t stress yourself , by keeping yourself starving with low carb diet and creating stress unnecessarily.


MEAL 1-If you trying to lose weight and workout daily ,Than in all your meals, plate should be half vegetables and then equal parts of protein and starch(good carbs). Eg of good starch (brown rice, quinoa, beans/legumes, wheat daliya,wheat and besan roti,sweet potatoes with the skin on, and oats.

MEAL 2- If you not person who cannot workout daily( for 45 mins) then try to aim for balance in all meals with high protein and high fiber and low carb( not very low carb as carbs are needed to let proteins do their job).classic example will be 1cup dal(lentils)+1 cup vegetable(sabji)or 2cup salad and 1 roti. Along with daily walking ( breaking into 15 mins after each meals and a few weight training sessions.

Be smart the keys to beating belly fat include a higher-protein diet, as well as a modified carbohydrate intake, along with stress management techniques.You don’t need to be on very low carb diet neither workout at a very high intensity daily by over stressing your body.