Ergogenic Foods

An ergogenic aid can be defined as a substance used for the purpose of enhancing performance. Today market is flooded with variety of supplements ,powders and there is no safety seal when they reaches shelf of the store. Manufacturers are not required to prove a supplement is safe before it is sold, or even that it works.So be smart enough when you decide to go with any of ergogenic aids.

Top discussed ergogenic products which are beneficial to you and without any harm.

Caffeine- When person takes caffeine in any form it acts directly on central nervous system.It increases the alertness and mind sharpness, it helps to release fatty acids but not during exercise, you may feel energized. But to see real time effects high dose of caffeine is needed which has its own side effects like rapid heart rate, dizziness, hypoglycemia, anxiety and jitters. So if you use coffee as caffeine start with low dose .

Green tea– There have been many studies on green tea, everybody knows that drinking green tea is beneficial, but how much and which way it works? Well latest study published(AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY) showed that one need to drink atleast 4 cups of green tea daily to see 8 to 24% of benefits( varies from person to person) while improving endurance capacity. Green tea stimulates fatty acids oxidation so it may promote weight loss faster.

Watermelon juiceWatermelon juice is rich in the nonessential amino acid citrulline, which gets converted to arginine and then to nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels and decreases oxygen consumption and increases performance. It decrease muscle soreness, So a very healthy drink for Athletes, a glass of fresh watermelon juice will provide ample hydration ,which help to fight against fatigue. Water melon is also good source of potassium and vitamin c.

Whey proteinEveryone must have heard that whey protein is powerful supplement, when it comes to strength and weight training and building muscle mass. Preferable is  grass fed organic whey protein. Since it is not always possible to eat large amounts of food rich in protein throughout the day with a busy schedule, here whey protein powder comes to the rescue.This is powerful supplement may do trick for muscle mass. Once you are done with workout, 30 grams of whey pd (approx 1 scoop) taken within 30 minutes can enhance muscle recovery and improve muscle protein synthesis. People with milk allergies, kidney or liver disease should consult Dietitian before taking it.

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