IT’S YOUR DIET THAT COUNTS- Today sometimes we are stressed out with so many articles coming out everyday ,with so many new superfoods in market. So many changes in dietary recommendations everyday may be stressful, but we have to understand diversity in diet is very important .

I know with busy life putting up meals on table with little or no variation is easy. Our life is too crazy and our mind and willpower is too wimpy. Than why we need change in diet ? There are two main reasons-

1)OXIDATIVE STRESS-oxidative stress is stress results from environmental pollution, pesticides,ageing,chemicals found in day to day life.

2)FREE RADICALS-(The body produces molecules commonly called “free radicals.” they are dangerous if produced by body in excess) .Excess free-radical production is known to promote inflammation and the progression of conditions such as heart disease, cancer and premature aging.Today’s high process carb diet(High amount of preservative,colors and dyes in food products) with few veggies and fruits,and little or no exercise body produces excess free radicals.

DIFFERENT PHYTONUTRIENTS- Since many exposures is unavoidable in today’s fast paced hectic life ,phytochemicals comes as a rescue.Phytonutrients are plant based chemical compound,This plant pigments act as an antioxidant have many protective and healing qualities. Phytonutrients behave as antioxidants, which hunt down and mop up free radicals, preventing them from damaging our cells. Though there are thousands of phytochemicals, Few commons phytochemicals are  flavonoids, isoflavones, or anthocyanidins,carotenoids(beta carotene),lycopene,Catechins,Vitamin C

We all know importance of rainbow diet-(Each individual color in a fruit or vegetable signifies a different set of phytonutrients)The best way to increase your intake of phytonutrients is to eat a variety of plant-based foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, spices, and tea. We know we need lots of color in their diet but find it hard to change food habits. We need to make small changes over a period of time to achieve success.Supplements are a poor substitute, because phytonutrients work together as a team .Along with fruits and veggies adding whole grains,nuts and seeds is equally important

B-VITAMINS- Whole grains like whole wheat,Millet,Amaranth,Bajra,Quinoa,jowar are excellent sources of the B vitamins that are essential for manufacturing new skin cells.Nuts, seafoods,healthy fats -are good sources of omega-3 they are anti-inflammatory ,helps in reducing inflammation caused by stress and processed diet.


tomato mango cilantro(dhania blueberries onion nuts
watermelon carrot spinach jamun garlic seeds
red bell pepper orange methi blackberries mushrooms whole grains
beets papaya mustard green eggplant cauliflower* black/green tea
strawberries carrot okra plums turmeric
cherries mosambi turnip green prunes spices
red apple yellow bell pepper cabbage* ginger
pomegranate orange bell pepper avocado
raspberries peach broccoli*
radish* pumpkin parval
turmeric green beans
cantaloupe peas
sweet potato asparagus
pineapple brussel sprouts*
collard green*
long beans
bottle gourd/zucchini

***are cruciferous vegetables.


  • we don’t need to get stressed about eating all meals everyday to be rich in superfoods/antioxidants  but just few simple tips is helpful.
  • Not every day and but every week add up new colours in your diet.
  • Consider each week picking out a seasonal fruits and veggies
  • Try once a week new plant based new recipe prefer weekends
  • Trying new curries and dal with different pulses and lentils.
  • Try out new chutneys/salsa and veggies on sandwiches/wraps(replace meat with tofu)
  • Days you eat out in restaurants something unhealthy ,try out new smoothies in next meal( using frozen veggies and fruits,will work out best when u don’t have time to wash,clean and chop).
  • Keep nuts and seeds in glass jars,at kitchen counter tops ,so that you can add up in any dishes you trying out.
  • Tea(Black,green) calms you down from stress enjoying a cup or two is great mood enhancers.
  • Once you cut down on eggs, meat and processed food ,you will be left out with fruits,veggies legumes,pulses,nuts and seeds.
  • Rearrange your cupboard, pantry and refrigerator so the first foods you see are the best for you.All we have to do is make a few changes to our home and change our minds.

INDIAN DIET- As an Indian am very happy and proud that I follow indian diet which is close to whole plant based diet,If you follow same you should be happy,Our diet is very colorful- whole wheat roti,salads/raita, green vegetable(sabji)/dals/legumes,Turmeric milk, Tea with herbs.When we make curry and sabji we add turmeric,onions,garlic and many other spices which are all rich different types of antioxidants.

Following whole plant based diet ,mediterranean diet,Indian vegetarian diet are good options to start with and very healthy colorful diet.