Our bodies secrete hormones that affect appetite, metabolism and glucose levels when we sleep,or under stress. CORTISOL RULES AMONG THE HORMONES.

Cortisol is produced in the adrenal glands, which reside at the top of the kidneys, and its release is stimulated by the hypothalamus,CORTISOL is a sleep and stress hormone.

ROLE OF CORTISOL-Cortisol plays numerous important roles, including control of substrate metabolism, immune response, wound healing, electrolyte and fluid balance, and Cortisol prepares the body for a fight-or-flight response by flooding it with glucose, supplying an immediate energy source to large muscles,preventing fatigue. So cortisol play many important functions in the body.


  • Any mental or physical discomfort results into stress which causes release of cortisol. Poor sleep is also associated with increased cortisol levels and contributes to stress and inflammation.”
  • -Life out of balance is the culprit, and not cortisol,it’s we who dont listen to our bodies in a hectic life, we want more and more.Excessive stress environment create fight or flight response.Cortisol is a catabolic steroid, so too much, too often will result in degenerative effects on the body.
  • Many times extreme low carb diet creates stress releases cortisol . It increases the production of cortisol, a hormone that increases appetite and makes us reach for comfort foods.


  • Under stressful conditions, cortisol provides the body with glucose. This energy can help an individual fight or flight situation, but when we are stressed out most of the time, elevated cortisol over the long term consistently produces glucose, leading to increased blood sugar levels. Which again causes more release of insulin from pancreas to store excess glucose into fat ,overtime time pancreas cannot cope up to maintain glucose level with high stress level, it goes on so it’s a vicious cycle.
  • When we stressed out we are always reaching out for comforting food which adds up more glucose in the blood, And, of course, unused glucose is eventually stored as body fat.High stress and cortisol levels also linked with increased inflammation in body,and gastrointestinal problem.

WEIGHT LOSS AND STRESS- For a holistic approach just calories and exercise won’t work , follow few tips they will help you-


  • ( yoga and meditation increases oxygen flow and to get in touch with one’s physiology. Deep breathing stimulates the body and produces overall positive effects on the body, mind and hormones.
  • Regular sleep will calm down our hormones and will help body to perform proper functions.
  • Simple things like laughing or listening to music can reduce cortisol levels.


  1. Write down your goals, why you want to lose weight how much and in how many months.
  2. Don’t bring weighing scale at home, monitoring everyday on scale doesn’t work daily fluctuations in weight occur due to things like water retention and levels of glycogen stores. Let clothes be your best indicator over a time frame.
  3. Keep positive attitude and patience,that you can do it but will take time.
  4. Have a plan- download good weight loss app,enter your data,buy a gym bag,pair of good shoes and clothes, a simple tracker to track your daily steps, take time out to for grocery planning a meal.investing on cooler to keep your food all day long with you instead snacking junk from nearest stores.
  5. Know your limits copying the diet what friends and people around us follow may not work you.


  • Omega 3 rich sources like chia seeds,flax seeds,walnuts,almonds, pista all are wonderful superfood reduce inflammation in body.
  • Glass of warm turmeric milk with a pinch of cinnamon and elachi (cardamom) helps in sleep, reducing insomnia.
  • Roasted peanuts good snacks provides Vit E boost immune system helps again inflammation caused in body due to stress.
  • Enjoy mornings with cup of black or green tea that calms down mind produces more serotonin which enhances  mood.
  • Seasonal fruits daily 3-4 serving helps in building up immunity.
  • Just  real meal with complex carbs,veggies and protein is the best diet that will keep you full. For eg Vegetable khichdi with khadi or yogurt, Roti with sabji and dal are very simple and yet comforting nourishing meals with any form of exercise helps a lot.