Control hunger before its too late

HOW HORMONES AFFECT OUR METABOLISM-Its very important to understand the hunger cues,restricting right calorie intake and ignoring hunger always leads to overeating. Hunger actually feels like a growling stomach, fatigue or a drop in energy.Many times with stress,hectic life,processed food our metabolism is disturbed and certain hormones plays a major role in it.

GHRELIN-Ghrelin is a hormone responsible for the hungry phenomenon. This hunger hormone functions to increase the sensation of hunger. Levels are high before meals ,during sleep and slow down after meals. Although it is produced in the stomach, it has receptors throughout the body.When we see tempting food,often go to restaurant ,social gathering,kitchen pantry full of junk,refrigerator full of tasty frozen treats, all this trigger anxiety and send wrong signals causing release of ghrelin hormone to eat more than needed even when we are not hungry.

LEPTIN-Leptin is a hormone released by fat cells(adipocytes) that is known to indicate fullness, or satiety, in the brain.Today with processed ,high sugar and carb diet we always remain hungry, which are digested so quickly. And it also results into more fat deposition in belly area, because when we eat high carb diet there is spike in glucose in blood. And which causes insulin hormone to deposit this glucose into fat. Even weight gain makes body resistance to leptin hormone,we never feel satiety, as a result we remain hungry most of the time.

Yet in a fast-paced world where stress levels run high and there seems like there just simply aren’t enough hours in the day. So we need to go beyond concept of counting calories and physical exercise ,and focus on real hunger and mindful eating.


PHYSICAL HUNGER-when hunger is ignored- Hunger reaches at peak-

  • Increase the production of ghrelin, a hormone that increases hunger.
  • Decrease the production of leptin, a hormone that enhances satiety.

This is true hunger which should not be ignored, we should always set the timing for our meals, remember what you had in your last meal and was it light snacks ,heavy meals, if you eat every 2-3 hours prepared your mind half and hour before what will be next your meal. If you don’t get time to prepare few healthy options are handful nuts,banana,milk ,raisins and seeds,chana and figs/dates,peanut bar(chikki)etc.

EMOTIONAL HUNGER-Emotions often present as a desire to eat along with negative emotions, Sadness, loneliness, anxiety and boredom can result  into selecting wrong food. It often leads to binge eating which leads to mindless eating.Divert your mind into some other activities.

SITUATIONAL HUNGER-Sometimes messy kitchen with junk packets all over the platform, social gathering,parties ,festivals  also leads to situational hunger. Even after regular meals certain situations , Aroma while making of favorite dishes and snacks we get hungry, Social gathering has buffet with lots of variety to choose from always makes us hungry ,crave for more than required.


  • Best way to avoid overeating in any type of hunger is to follow mindful eating.In times of stress don’t make it personal.Always ask question are you really hungry what’s the reason other than physical hunger.
  • eliminate distraction when you eat like ,surfing facebook,net,checking emails on laptop, watching tv. Always chew slowly  and try to understand cues when you are about to get full ,try to stop (at 80% of fullness).
  • Drink glass of water before meals if you have tendency to overeat.
  • Develop emotional toughness  to deal with binge eating when times get rough. It will also make it easier for them to deal with the inevitable stress that everyone must face at one time or another (Groesz et al., 2012).
  • Always keep easy handy fruits on kitchen counter like banana apple,glass jar with toasted nuts and seeds which doesn’t require too much time.
  • Declutter your kitchen, keep it organized and always keep sticky notes on fridge what items you need ,make a grocery list ahead of time.
  • Please don’t save calories for later of the day, rushing whole day with hectic schedule starving yourself and over stuffing at dinner is a wrong concept.
  • Follow one or two tips each week but follow everyday, slowly you will master how those tips become part of your daily healthy routine.

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