Today everyone talks about Eating right and doing exercise, but most important thing i believe is mindful eating with a reason. As it’s not just following healthy diet and burning calories.While attending a webinar from Elizabeth kovar , my thoughts are more involved into mindful eating ( understanding there is many other areas which need to focus) like how ,when ,where we eat and there is reason for it.


We need to focus on many components-

LIFESTYLES- We all know everybody’s lifestyle is different, a businessman,a working mom, stay at home mom. There are so many diet in markets its conflicting, so best way to follow diet (NOT JUST CARBS,PROTEIN, FATS) but a healthy living and how it suits your lifestyle and daily routine.

Many of us can follow pattern eating every 2 hour ,this may not match for person attending meetings most of the times. So best option would be eat 3 balanced colourful meal.

ENVIRONMENT- Follow the diet with environment around you, if we stay in india follow a diet close to our own roots,rather than running for subs and pasta, similarly a person living in Italy follows local diet with fresh herbs,cheese, pasta will be best bet. Best joy is in eating fresh with surrounding environment. For eg if we stay in India buy local organic peanut oil,sunflower bran oil for cooking, rather than running to grocery store to get  olive oil because you see most google sites say benefits of cooking in olive oil. What your taste buds says do u enjoy the taste??Don’t be fool by shedding lots of money ,or just  because your neighbour lost few kgs/pounds with a particular product. Try to look for local fresh healthy produce.

SEASON– We all know nature harvest a particular fruits and vegetable as per season. For eg in winter we all know our body ask for more warm hearty foods, while in summer more hydrating chilled light foods. For eg person staying in US will have diet completely different than staying india( apart from grains and pulses and lentils). Try to focus seasonal fresh produce.

For eg- buying carrots in summer and eating carrot halwa in summer makes no point, similarly strawberry which is harvested in around summer may be stored as frozen and eaten in winter but that strawberry does not have same freshness and taste. Just because you read particular fruits have more nutrients than other but if it’s not in seasonal u will end up having tasteless produce.

If we stay in India ,most health websites says eat kiwi( as it has more vit C than orange) you go buy the same, but no point buying kiwi which has travel end no miles and then reached grocery store next to you( by that time it’s all wrinkled and with no freshness) .Moreover you shed extra money to feel proud for tasteless kiwi. So eat as per season as there is reason behind ,May be buying guava would be better option which is also excellent source of vit c.So get most from nutritional benefit with seasonal produce this gives more bangs for bucks.

AGE- We all know what we eat as kid , in college life ,that same diet doesn’t work for us as an adult, Because we were full of energy ,jumping,running,with high BMI, but once we out of college promoted to sedentary life in an office, sitting all day around our calorie intake is more than expenditure causing weight gain. We should realize that before it’s too late, making changes in our diet is important by cutting down quantity and not quality. Introducing more variety and colours as body needs extra phytochemicals,flavonoids and antioxidant to fight with free radicals. (The body produces molecules commonly called “free radicals.” they are dangerous and to combat them we need antioxidant)Antioxidants defend against the harmful effect of free radicals, which are associated with heart disease, cancer, arthritis, many other diseases and aging (Bonnefoy, Drai & Kostka 2002).

HEALTH- We need to understand that with age there certain health condition which needs a appropriate diet. Pregnant mom,diabetes ,athlete all have have different requirement.Understand your own body , everybody is different what worked for your cousin may not work for you. Paleo ,JM shred may work for weight loss for a stay at home mom, but may not work for a single working mom.Listen and Acknowledge your body.

BE SMART- Keep a diary write down what new food was introduced and how you felt and did it worked for you,connecting mind with food on plate is best way to eat.Remember we are what we eat.

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Source- ACE webinar( by elizabeth kovar)