Today Most trending talked about oil is coconut oil-

So does this means we should take all other types of fat out from pantry? Answer is no because it’s very important to do meal planning with a focus on different food types rather than just specific one nutrient. Same is about Coconut oil, just involving coconut oil will not make our health free of disease or will cause weight loss.

Coconut oil-it’s mostly composed of saturated fat called (LAURIC ACID). LAURIC ACID increases cholesterol ( but a good cholesterol HDL), so when saturated fat is compared to PUFA (polyunsaturated fat) it’s shown better results in cardiovascular diseases (jakobsen et al., 2009)



  • It’s not the amount of fat but quality of fat.( fat is calorie dense (9 calories/gm) compared to carbs and protein so take in limited amount. So even if you take coconut oil there should be in limited amount in daily diet.
  • Trans fat( like butter,vegetable shortening,margarine) should be avoided completely.
  • Coconut oil can be used along with  PUFA(safflower oil,flaxseed oil, AND MUFA(almond ,avocadoes,organic virgin olive oil),saturated fats ( like organic ghee(clarified butter)  sources to create balance of healthy fat in our diet.
  • Stay away from partially hydrogenated coconut oil( Trans Fat) , as it will raise LDL (bad cholesterol because this coconut oil ( its not pure unsaturated fat with lauric acid).
  • Buy only virgin organic coconut oil for beneficial effect on blood lipids.
  • So if you like cooking with coconut oil ,enjoy the benefits of it with a balanced a diet.


SOURCE-ace fitness nutrition manual

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