Flaxseed Cherry Bar

Flaxseed cherry bar-In india use of flaxseed has been from ancient time,It  has many health benefits a excellent source of omega 3 and fibre. It’s a healthy vegan/vegetarian recipe and easy to prepare.


Raw finely chopped Almonds-1c

Raw Flaxseed (powdered)meal-1/2c raw

Raw sunflower/pumpkin seed-1/4c


Cherry dried-1c

honey-2 Tbsp

orange/lemon zest-2tsp

water-2 tbsp

METHOD-Dry roast almond,flaxseed ,pumpkin and sunflower seeds, toast it a very low flame till aroma comes let it cool. Now in a food processor blend cherries,honey ,orange zest and water to blend into paste,now transfer into bowl and add toasted almond mixture.Transfer to plate, press firmly into bar,let it cool in a fridge for few hours. Later cut into pieces.


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