Today marketing has made activity trackers like a golden ticket for health and fitness.Market is flooded with different activity wristbands apple watch including the Fitbit Flex, the Basis B1, Jawbone Up, and Nike+Fuel. Each wristband has its own array of features.

ADVANTAGE-When we first put activity tracker we feel excited about health and try to reach  goal.Those people who may be starting a new workout routine, the visible evidence of our progress can encourage us to keep going. When you’re keeping track of the number of miles you walk,do biking,running for example,graph on our tracker keeps going up , it can be a very helpful motivator.

BEST CANDIDATES FOR TRACKERS- So only if you really enjoy your workouts and fitness trackers give you the chance to get the feedback.For example, if you’re training for a half-marathon, but you usually run 5ks, you can use your fitness tracker of choice to track your mileage and help you as you increase from 5ks to 10ks, and 10ks to the full half-marathon distance.

DISADVANTAGE-But the massive amounts of data being collected are actually changing people’s behaviour around fitness.They also seem to target people who are proactive about using the data to change their behavior vs. those who are more resistant to behavioral changes.

Please don’t over do with activity tracker, connect your mind and body and follow your goals.Just because our friends wearing it,or colleague ,you need one too,is not the answer. Do you really need it?? 


  • They may get confused with so many data available at a time.
  • They may get frustrated if goal is not met
  • They may feel guilt if they miss a target.
  • Many people, women in particular, become obsessive about tracking the number of calories they consume and steps they took decides their mood for rest of the day.

I personally feel when things get complicated it loses its charm (sometimes trackers have so much data it’s gets complicated, when person want to track his daily steps a simple mobile fitness apps or pedometer would do a great job which might get complicated by drowning in data of latest fitness trackers. Numbers and charts alone won’t help clients achieve their goals. Sometimes, data can even add insult to injury.

BE SMART-Remember, you want to identify load and impact on the body and the mind. You may not need a tracker if you have a pretty healthy life,you control your food intake, complete regular workouts, and drinking tons of water, follow a regular sleep pattern.But ultimately choice is yours!!



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