THIS ARE FEW COMMON TACTICS- When we have a weight loss issues this are few tips which can help-

  • Trying to separate facts from myth- Stop Following online weight loss solution and tips not backed up by studies. Be smart to get right diet plan from right source which your heart and brain can follow. It’s more about discipling brain and stomach and not dieting.
  • Drinking water before meals -when we have tendency to overeat during meals. Than drink a glass of water ,which will make you feel more full and making it easier to control calories.
  • Grazing throughout day-When we eat throughout day in a small portion ,than we can control the extreme hunger attack during mealtime. We can reduce the tendency to overeat at lunch or dinner.
  • Resist temptations- when we do grocery make sure not to buy any packaged foods which labels promotes weight loss, read at the back of product “nutrition label” to get real facts and the ingredients listed in it.
  • Behind the cupboard- keep all the junk food( if you have to keep a few) ,inside the cabinet and at the back of healthy options,so when we are hungry it’s not easily accessible. Most handy snack items for me is banana,nuts,whole wheat crackers,grapes(which is already washed and ready in small ziploc bags.
  • Order online at restaurants- when you plan to eat outside order online,because when we order online or  take to go pack,  we tend to order fewer extra items, which prevents extra calorie consumption. And if we are hungry later we can add up a cup of milk or fruits.
  • Eat slowly-Slow eating gives us time to make connection of brain with tummy,and makes us think am i really hungry? This controls the excess calorie consumption. when we have curries/dal in a bowl take a spoon and sip it, this controls the amount of roti or rice with it.
  • Emotional overeating- Stay away for food for sometime when we are stressed, Most research has found out ,people pick a bad food choices to overcome stress, and then we feel more depressed once we realize we have picked a wrong option- Instead take a deep breath ,listen to your fav music,take a bath or shut eyes and relax for few mins,will help you to get back on right track.
  • Learn something new move away from boredom- Take up a new hobby, study a foreign language, engage in a new sport. Engage your brain to keep it healthy.


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