Pregnancy and Mommy

After becoming a health coach and mom of two beautiful kids, I realized how fast life moves, being a mommy , This were the few challenges i also faced it and i guess all moms face it. Other than getting physically drenched , there are also emotional and cognitive challenges.

  • PHYSICAL-When her body feels good and she is taking care of herself, she will have the strength and confidence to care for her children.

A new mom has always this questions on my mind-

  • “I should keep my house clean as am stay-at-home mom.”
  • “I should have a child who doesn’t throw a fit at the grocery store.”
  • “I should be able to run or jump without peeing myself a little.”
  • “I should have my pre-pregnancy body back by now.””Stop ‘shoulding’ on yourself!”

  • Cognitive-STOP BLAMING YOURSELF BE PATIENT (kids are kids)-When a mommy is hard on herself, she is limiting her potential and mirroring a pattern for her children.

  • Emotional- A mom needs a constant support,strength ,while raising kids there is a Constant self-questioning may lead to feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. A new mom need to boost a confidence and she can blossom back with kids.Mom has undergone a lot of stress, in body and soul, and its very important to restore her to strength and happiness.For some women, body dissatisfaction is heightened after the baby is born. New mothers struggle to establish a new identity as they adapt to having a new born. After giving birth, women are less inclined to exercise regularly, owing to time constraints, sleep deprivation and lack of child care. Don’t equate exercise always with  losing weight; instead, focus on the health benefits of being fit.

Stay fit-Since new mothers tend to diet( eat less) (rather than exercise) to shed their pregnancy pounds, encourage these moms to take their time to lose weight. It took a full 9 months to gain the weight, so they are perfectly free to take at least the same amount of time to get back to their original weight.

ref-Farel B. Hruska is the national fitness director for FIT4MOM,  ideafit journal