Does Modern Diets Have Insufficient Nutrition?

If we  compare today’s diets with those of a hundred years ago our diet is insufficient in nutrition. Now in a fast paced modern world our diet has become more focused on homogenous macronutrients( Carbs, Protein and Fat). While powerful micronutrients are left behind, no one has time to chop more and more veggies  and fruits .Rainbow diets are not on our plates.Wheat, rice and milk products, ready to eat products, oils make up a huge portion of our diet, we eat a lot more processed foods these days. The simple act of processing a food is not harmful,but to increase shelf life of products more and more chemical,preservatives,artificial colours and dyes are added .So it’s no more natural product.Finally, the plants we eat (and the ones animals eat, which become our meat) grow in soil that’s less mineral–rich than it used to be (Davis, Ep & Riordan 2004).



So we believe just popping a pill will solve our health problem???

Well a pill has 100% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance of vitamins and minerals doesn’t mean the pill will help an individual, since RDAs are population–based estimates and each person has different requirements.But we definitely need some multivitamins,as we may not found in our diet

MULTI-VIT B– If you pop pill of B complex for energy you are wrong, this pills don’t give you energy. No vitamin gives you energy.Calories gives us energy,calories in the form of glucose, which is found in carbohydrate-containing foods (grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, dairy).The B vitamins play essential roles in the complex biochemical machinery that breaks glucose into ATP, releasing energy from the food we eat. In that way, B vitamins make it possible for your body to use energy — but they don’t contain energy.

VEGANS– only vegans need to take B12 because their diet usually lacks in B12.A daily B12 supplement is necessary when B12-fortified plant foods are not regularly consumed. Sources-of B12

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Dairy products

VIT D-You can chow down on all the calcium–rich foods you want, but you need vitamin D for proper calcium absorption. In fact, poor vitamin D status can speed up bone aging (Busse et al. 2013).Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, It is present in milk fortified with vit D,It is also produced when sun rays strike the skin and trigger vitamin D synthesis. Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption in the gut and maintains adequate serum calcium and phosphate concentrations .In adults, vitamin D deficiency can lead to osteoporosis, resulting in weak bones ,bone pain and muscle weakness.

SOURCE- You cannot overdose when getting your vitamin D from sun exposure, as your body has the ability to self-regulate and only make what it needs.but if we work indoor ,and don’t have sun exposure daily. Than vit D supplements along with moderate fat intake meal is must.

Fish oil Supplements (OMEGA-3)-Science shows that fish oil can help maintain heart health by lowering triglycerides and possibly optimizing your HDL and LDL cholesterol.Keep in mind that while fish oil supplements have very few proven benefits, but still I recommend getting some of your omega-3 acids from natural sources such as fatty fish( 2-3 times a week), flaxseed, chia seeds, and walnuts.

Folic Acid-Adequate folate levels can only be achieved through our diet. But exceptional case for women of childbearing age ,they do need folic acid supplements, We need folate for a variety of functions, ranging from DNA synthesis and repair to cell division and growth. Besides being linked to neural tube defects, a folate deficiency can cause macrocytic anemia and an increased risk of heart disease.

Smart options when comes to pill-There are no superfoods, but there are staple foods high in nutrients. Many fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins, Milk and milk products (plus nuts and legumes) are often rich in certain minerals. You don’t have to jam–pack your diet with exotic berries , and multiple supplements daily but a balanced diet is very important.

Be SMART- Focus on getting a variety of foods daily.


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