Smart Eating

There is no particular diet works forever, only making smart choices and eating wisely is the healthier eating strategies. Diet should be term as healthy way of living.

  • INTUITIVE EATING-Intuitive eating (IE)-This strategy works based on our own ability to understand and interpret our internal cues regarding right amount of food for our body.IE with smart choices -is the best promising way to maintain a normal body weight and healthy relationship with food.
  • MAKE PEACE WITH FOOD- when we say NO or CAN’T to a particular food it often backfires with uncontrollable cravings.So instead try this way, For eg if we eat something unhealthy in snacks ,we should make up by making right choice in next meal. If its a bday or special occasion, having a piece of small cake or sweets is ok,None of these things are inherently negative.
    • Most of the time saying “later” instead of “no,” you can trick your brain into letting you make the right decision. You can say “no” when you aren’t experiencing the craving anymore.
  • EXPLAIN AND FOCUS YOURSELF- when we eat something wrong or we eat food that satisfy us, it takes much less effort to realize that we had enough of it. We tend to overdo it. So we need to talk to ourself and ask What happens when i overeat eat this food? And learn to focus on satisfaction. For eg after i have a piece of my fav sweet, i think and focus do i really need second piece and i know my answer  may be some other day.You can take part in the celebration (and often satisfy your craving) with a small piece.
  • SLOW DOWN- Eating slowly is very important key factor, we can notice the enjoyable qualities of food.  playing a nice music, sitting with family during meals and eating slowly.
  • COPE UP WITH EMOTIONS WITHOUT USING FOODS- If we have emotional eating issues we need to find another next best source of entertaining then food. Any other leisure activity is best option.Use self care- Which means taking care in many different ways like walking outside,taking bath,connect with friends,listening to music lying down for sometime with eyes closed.

           My fav – Music, it creates wonder and soothe down my senses when am in stress.

  • RESPECT YOUR HEALTH/BODY- We need to understand that food is not commodity to lose weight but source of nourishment.Your body knows exactly what it needs and when, and all you have to do is just take the time listen to her.Acknowledge our own body that is best thing we can do to ourselves.
  • COOKING MEALS Restaurant meals, and especially fast food, are full of salt and other unhealthy ingredients. Making your own healthy and tasty meals will help you resist the cravings for restaurant food. If you have your own healthy food, you’ll be less tempted to grab a quick bite at a drive-thru. Learn to cook if time permits, nowadays most recipes have videos step by step process which makes cooking lot more easier.
  • DON’T GO SHOPPING ON EMPTY STOMACHS Research shows that when you go to the grocery store hungry, you are more likely to make impulse buys. Have a cup of milk, Banana, handful of nuts , roasted chana and raisins etc

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