Health coach


When i become certified health coach ,my perspective changed. I become listener of my own thoughts and started to focus more.Physicians don’t have the time to help patients change behavior. Behavior change takes time. On average more than two months is required for successfully making a behavior change. That is obviously a lot longer than a typical 15 or 20-minute office visit.

So here few notes-

Asking question to our own problems ,we get answers most of the times. It helps to avoid self criticism and helps to avoid guilt feeling we get when we cannot take care of health in such a busy hectic life.To brings awareness in us self talking helps. Listening to our own body and its need -specially on weight loss journey, maintaining healthy weight etc-

People who are stressed and confused about there weight should ask questions to themselves –

  • Did we have any anxiety about the food and drink at the party before we got there? If so, why?
  • what happens that leads to us making a choice that is not in line with our goals for our health.
  • Have we noticed any particular triggers? For example, a certain food, person or thought that creates a reaction in us?
  • How much of the choices we made are our responsibility and how much is pressure from co-workers, friends or family?
  • after drinking too much or eating too many sweets or after longer-lasting negative feelings, we need to ask what is necessary to overeat or drink?
  • Did we work out after the bad day? If so, how did that workout feel to us? How was our energy? Did we feel strong and capable?
  • Is there anything that we felt, either physically or mentally, that we absolutely want to avoid feeling again?

Answering above questions ourselves,gives solutions most of the time,WRITE DOWN AND TRY TO RECALL NEXT TIME BEFORE YOU DO SAME MISTAKE, it helps us to keep on track by holding ourselves accountable for making forward progress. Best gift we achieve is lasting results as we use personalized approach that fits our own unique life circumstances. However, health coaching is a very useful tool to achieve behavior change and help reduce the burden of chronic conditions like obesity, hypertension, and diabetes.

Remember that our bodies are built from our habits rather than from a single day’s actions-