Baking with artificial sweeteners

My views -Artificial sweeteners are always controversial , sometimes a tsp in a coffee or tea is fine and  calorie cutting is our aim, artificial sweeteners can be used,but if we take a just a cup of tea or coffee in a day natural organic sugar is the best!! If you really enjoy a piece of small piece of cake with real sugar, having a small amount is fine and if you like the taste of sugar-free chocolate sometimes that’s ok too. As long as we consume things in moderation and we don’t feel guilt of eating either. I don’t think either option is harmful.

Problem with artificial sweetener-

Some artificial sweeteners do cause a release of insulin which could drop our blood sugar and make us crave more sugar actually. And they also seem to trigger the same addition like pathways in the brain so i think they should be consumed by those who must restrict sugar intake,so while searching for baking with artificial sweeteners found a useful article

The following covers some common artificial sweeteners and each one’s ability to be used in baking:

SACCHARIN: (e.g., Sweet‘N Low)

It can replace some of the sugar, but will leave a metallic aftertaste and may result in lumpy texture.

300-times sweeter than sugar

1 tsp. sugar = ½ packet or ½ tsp. bulk Sweet‘N Low

  • ASPARTAME: (e.g., Equal, Nutrasweet)

Not for baking as it loses sweetness in high heat. May work in custards and puddings.

200-times sweeter than sugar

1 tsp. sugar = ½ packet

  • STEVIA (e.g., Turvia, PureVia, Stevia in the Raw)

These are not pure stevia, but a form of stevia known as Rebaudioside A. It is often mixed with erythritol after processing.

Heat stable so can be used in baking; however, these sugars do not caramelize or crystalize so you will not get the browning effect desired in certain baked goods. Not appropriate for use in meringues.

200 to 300-times sweeter than sugar

1 tsp. sugar = ½ packet

  • SUCRALOSE (e.g., Splenda)

Good for baking as long as you use the Splenda baking formulation, which has low-calorie fillers added for bulk. Sucralose is a distant cousin of sugar as it is made from sugar.

600-times sweeter than sugar

1 tsp. sugar = ½ packet or ½ tsp.

But i still feel healthy alternative in baking would be using Banana,figs,dates,raisins,orange juice,organic maple syrup ,applesauce in baked goods can boost nutrients while reducing calories and sugar.


While is was searching about artificial sweeteners and baking i found this important facts from ACE website,contributors are Tiffani Bachus, R.D.N., and Erin Macdonald, R.D.N of U Rock Girl.

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