Carbohydrate loading( For Athletes)

CARBOHYDRATE LOADING- ( Most beneficial for long distance endurance athletes)

Carbohydrate are the body’s preferred source of energy ,they are rapidly digested and absorbed which provides immediate energy source.carbohydrates contains two or three sugars, such as glucose,fructose and sucrose.Increased carbohydrate absorption lead to increased athletic performance.

But individual training for long distance endurance events more than 90 mins benefits from carbohydrate loading.

Only reason for carbohydrate loading, is to help muscles store more glycogen, that help athlete burn more fuel.


DAY 1 to 3 -moderate carbohydrate. ( 50% of total calories)

DAY 4 to 6-high carbohydrate ( 80% of total calories)

Day 7 Event day-(> 80% of total calories)

Some simple source are- Rice, bread,poha ,roti,banana,potato,sweet potato,oranges,milk etc.