PRE WORKOUT QUICK SNACKS- ( generous carbs, moderate protein and fibre)

This is a very quick and natural way to wholesome healthy snack-

1 cup roasted powdered sesame seeds-

1 cup roasted powdered peanut-

1 cup jaggery-

1tsp ginger pd-

2tbsp ghee-

METHOD-Roast til(sesame seeds) till they are light n fluffy- grind it , i used coffee grinder for fine powder,Roast peanut and grind it  ,same as sesame seed, Grate jaggery finely.In a pan mix all together at a very low flame for 5 min , Then turn off the flame add ginger pd and ghee.Make laddoo when warm, don’t let it cool completely.This recipe yields approx around 15 laddoo depending on a size u make.

Nutritional facts-


  • 1 laddoo provides – 156 calories
  • 4.5 gm protein
  • 3.3gms of fibre

This laddoo are very good source of calcium and Iron also.