Your weight is a total picture of your overall health, but not everyday!!

Most people who are on weight loss program ,first thing comes in their mind is checking weight. It helps you to set up your goal , but many time people tends to do it on daily basis which is absolutely not required, as weight of the persons fluctuates daily.This minor fluctuations can freak people out and they may get upset if weight is more than expected — or discourage them from their weight-loss efforts.


  • check weight only once a week as most of the time we follow healthy weight loss that is- 1 kg/lb/week).
  • check weight Monday mornings, This can be great for keeping an eye on trends over time, such as a tendency to bump up on the weekends.
  • Take pictures throughout your weight loss journey.
  • judge yourself by your fitness endurance and how your clothes are fitting you.
  • Use the same scale every time.
  • Patience matters. Progress doesn’t happen overnight, and you may notice very little change in the beginning.We have not gain weight overnight it took months to gain weight and will take few or more months to lose it out.

So be SMART don’t stare at weighing scale because what matters to us most is how we look and feel every day.