ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS-Whether your goal is cutting calories or eating healthier,  Understand the pros and cons of it.The market is also flooded with products sweetened with artificial sweeteners.They’re marketed as “sugar-free” including soft drinks, flavored milk, baked items,chocolates, fruit juice, and ice cream and yogurt.’s difficult to give definitive answers whether artificial sweeteners are good or bad  because there haven’t been enough high-quality, long-term studies.

FACT-Sweeteners apparently disrupt this relationship and may lead to excessive calorie consumption.

For e.g.-when we consume a product say a piece of cookie, cake,biscuits termed as calorie free, Read label at back (nutritional fact) as calories from sugar will be zero,but when it has other ingredients(like flour ,butter,etc) it will add up calories from carbs, fats etc.Certain food items termed calorie free- may be high in carbs ,saturated fats etc.

What happen is when we have in mind its CALORIE FREE, we may end up eating few more pieces,so total calorie intake increases. so whole point of reducing calorie intake will not be met.

SMART OPTION is use artificial sweeteners only in moderation’s, like adding in a glass of milk, tea coffee when u like sweet taste and at same time u want to avoid 20 calories from tsp of regular sugar.

Conclusions-BE AWARE of SUGAR FREE products from market and make smart choice if you really want to use artificial sweeteners,  prefer in  home cooked meal,beverages or snacks. Where you aware of all the ingredients in it ,than adding a pinch of sweeteners will not cause a harm,If you’re healthy, happy and satisfied with the results you’re getting on weight loss and you happen to use artificial sweeteners,continue it smartly.