When cruising on a weight loss program. keep your temptation controlled and not your hunger, because hunger is your physical needs while temptations are emotional. when you are genuinely hungry then it’s always to ok to eat, its signal to the brain that we really need a meal to sustain energy for rest of the day.

TEMPTATIONS-.people on weight loss program work hard on their diet and exercise 5 days a week,sometimes get into a trap of temptations over the weekends.Tasty but unhealthy food are part of many of our celebrations. We r so overwhelmed that we always end up eating more calories than needed. Temptations could be for sweets,cakes,chocolates ,fried items, junkie savory snacks etc.

While resisting temptation is never easy,and it’s always not nice to say no to your loved one also. so be SMART, be moderate and take few spoonful instead of taking complete plateful.

Here are other few strategies to tackle the temptations-

MINDFUL– Best way to control is reminding your brain again and again by ,asking do i really need to eat?? This will help to reduce the intensity of craving.

DISTRACT YOURSELF-Don’t say NO to yourself instead say may be i will have later, is good enough to stop temptations or cravings and move onto something interesting going around.

DON’T STEP OUT OF HOME EMPTY STOMACH- Even if you are going for grocery,shopping or any special occasion or party, eat some healthy stomach filling snacks.


  • glass of milk without sugar and nuts
  • protein bar
  • banana and almonds
  • oranges /apples with nuts etc
  • nuts and seeds mix
  • roasted chana and raisins

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