If you have made up your mind to follow an Indian low carb diet, you must also know about the healthy carbs that you should include in your regime..Indian vegetarian diet has always been confusing when it comes to carbs and protein, many people always feel is our diet complete? is it balanced ? are we getting enough protein? Its totally true as we are not sure how much calorie are coming from fat, protein and carbs. My answer is as long as we eat our Indian meal they way it should be ,you should be fine.Today with so many super foods coming in market and everyday researchers come up with new food products it gets very complicated on what to eat and what not.

A simple Indian lunch or dinner consists of roti/rice (Carbs), sabji( fibre), dal/pulses( protein).( all meals are prepared with some amount of fats) .

Here are few examples of Indian meals-(balance- carbs,protein and fats)

  • Idli with veg sambhar
  • dosa with coriander peanut chutney
  • veg khichdi and yogurt
  • veg paratha and dahi
  • palakchole, palak moong dal with roti.
  • mung dal (chiila/pancake)topped with vegetables and dahi

List is endless..(KEY is moderation ,portion size and control on fats and sugar), don’t cut on carbs too much,

Carbohydrates are the best fuels for your muscles since they become accessible easily in comparison to proteins and fats.FOLLOW a healthy Indian carb diet and not a low carb SMART AND SIMPLE with DIET, as life is anyways complicated 😉