With all festivals coming around Diwali, Christmas its a good time to set up your SMART GOALS. When I talk to most people, I find most feel like they need to lose weight. Every body has different goal, few examples – losing weight, gaining weight, increasing lean body mass, decreasing body fat etc. Just by thinking that I want to have a weight loss, is a very vague goal.

What we need is a SMART goal, which means these goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and definitely Time-bound.
The SMART goal created by you makes sense to you. It’s unique to you and you can always make changes to it. No diet or weight loss program will work until you set a goal / milestones for success. A solid goal serves as a road map for the entire weight loss journey.
Set goals which are attainable, realistic and not to be very hard on yourself -For example I want to lose 15 kg/pounds in a month. It’s a very very hard goal. Goal should be challenging but they shouldn’t be so difficult that they are overwhelming neither too simple that it’s less motivating and we don’t feel enthusiastic of achieving it.
SO GET UP grab a sheet of paper and write your goal down over and over again. Make your brain pay attention to your goal and your brain will then help you reach that goal.remind yourself of these reasons this helps you remain motivated.