COCONUT WATER– coconut water is an ideal drink instead of any other kind of soft drink beverages available in the markets to correct dehydration conditions.Coconut water has glycemic index of 3, It is a natural alternative to drinks that have added sugar and could cause a spike in your blood sugar when you drink them.

BENEFITS– It’s also high in potassium and magnesium, which are two nutrients the body needs for overall health and good performance.However, sports drinks are only necessary when exercising intensely for longer than an hour—water is sufficient for shorter workouts. If you have a hard time drinking water when trying to hydrate, coconut water may be a good way to help you to drink more fluid. Just keep in mind that it does contain calories.Each eight ounce or 1 cup serving is accompanied by 45 to 60 calories. If you’re a fan of coconut water and exercise intensely for an hour, you can benefit from the electrolytes.

Only when you are involved in very high intensity exercise for more than an hour , and you sweat a lot ,than there is loss of both sodium and potassium. Than regular sports drink would be ideal choice.Coconut water is richer in potassium as compared to sodium thus leaving a deficit in sodium if one chooses to re hydrate with coconut water after exercise.

source-acefitlife/nutrition tip