Before you spend that hard-to-come-by cash, BE SMART!! Nowadays endless program’s options and challenges available for Weight loss, GM diet, South beach diet,Beach body diet, Atkins, Ornish, grapefruit juice diet, Weight Watchers and the Zone diets. All diet and program’s have some pros and cons. I am not saying they are bad don’t follow.Walk away from any program that pressures you to buy special foods eat only that throughout day,  pills, or promises a quick fix. There are no magic pills to “melt your fat away.” Dont become a prey of loosing 20 pounds ,15 kg in a week. This kind of program never works in long run. Follow your heart and mind, think twice which suits your daily schedule and most important are they reliable? You want permanent lifestyle change, not a quick fix time-bound diet.

People get overwhelmed and confused sometimes which one to go for. When we select program online make sure u have support of dietitian or health coach to guide you through out the program.Because everybody needs to be on track and remain motivated ,with right diet plan and exercise regime to follow.

DON’T STRESS-stress also increases cortisol levels, which makes them more likely to gain weight, Make one change at a time specially beginners. SET GOALS. Adopting too many new habits is like cleaning closets for the first time in years: Do too much at once and you’ll be so overwhelmed that we quit. For eg running a mile on day one, lifting heavy weight leaves your muscle sore and tired.  Sustainable weight loss requires a significant effort and a sensible approach, and with the right support, expertise, and guidance, you can make it happen.

keep few points in mind-

  • Keep a food diary-old fashioned style pen and paper or online app are great options too.
  • Weigh foods when eating at home, Use serving cups on table while eating and even while cooking.
  • Use visuals in identifying correct portion sizes .Stick a paper of visual sizes of how each food group should resemble.for eg 1roti is size of CD or 1ounce paneer size of 9volt battery, 1 cup fruit size of a baseball or cricket ball.
  • Use smaller plates.
  • try to workout it some or the other way at-least 3-5days