Sometimes we feel we are doing everything right why am i not loosing weight? there are many reasons for gaining weight and same way loosing weight..Many time we underestimate the no of calories we eat ,we think we r eating right amount which may not be truth,it’s not that we are lying, it just we don’t know how to make an accurate assessment of how much we are eating.

Serving size knowledge plays very important role. When we are in weight loss plan we know how much and how many calories to eat. We need to measure our food. For that serving cups play a huge role in it, trust me.

Next thing happen is we start losing few kg or pounds and boom..We get stuck..weighing scale does not move .

Unfortunately, people’s bodies adjust their metabolism to resist weight change. sometimes eating right and exercising right don’t help in shedding extra weight because we hit that plateau.This means that we burn fewer calories when we start consuming fewer calories. So, while a diet of 1,800 calories per day helped us to lose a certain amount of weight, if we hit a plateau, it could be that 1,800 calories may not be exact amount we need to stay at our current weight.

And to get off that plateau  strength training is a KEY , because it adds up the muscle which helps to improve the metabolism-Muscle is much more metabolically active than fat; therefore, the more muscle you can add, the higher your metabolism will be.

source- american council suggested fitness fact on exercise.