In a society that is becoming increasingly health conscious, more and more information is constantly coming out on how to lose weight, how to get fit, how to eat,Nutrition is one of those fields that is inundated with quacks who will try to sell you the latest secret (supplement ,powder ,pills,herbs) for weight loss.

There are so many diets available today for a quick weight loss (a very low carbs diet, Atkins diet, grapefruit diet, GM (general motors diet) etc are some fad diets, it may be difficult for people to stick to on a long-term basis. With so many foods deemed “off limits,” the diet plan can quickly get boring.

The point here is that physical activity and mindful eating may be just as crucial to your long-term health as what is on your plate.”The concept of energy imbalance is easy: Eat more calories than you burn and you will gain weight. Eat fewer and you will lose weight.

Many people fall into trap, carbs are bad avoid it .No u need them they are main source of fuel in body, if u don’t take enough, u feel low in energy and may be even u don’t have energy to do any workout and than at the end of the day we end up feeling sluggish and tired. It is important to find out right amount of carbs needed by the body through out day even in weight loss program.
However, foods rich in fiber and protein tend to be the most filling, which in theory would lead to a reduced intake of carbohydrates.There is no magic pill for weight loss. Set up a goal and stick to it. Nobody can stop you if you believe in yourself.