post workout snacks

Do we really know we need a post workout snacks?

A 15–minute leisurely walk, a 30–minute light strength-training session or 30 minutes of stretching or minute yoga are not the moderate– to high–intensity workouts.

So be smart and wise before fueling yourself up with carbs, be mindful of calories burned during a workout vs. calories consumed. When we haven’t sweat much, it’s good to re-hydrate with water, but not necessary to recover with carb food or a sugary beverage.

A 60–minute moderate–intensity spin class, 1 hour Zumba class, dance class or power yoga,1k,2k run, or high intensity strength training (basically workouts that leaves you sweaty and increased heart rate).

After such great workout we need right and nutritious snacks to refuel like a good source of simple carbohydrates and small amount of protein that are easily digestible and better supplier of muscle glycogen along with muscle repair.

For e.g.

  • low fat chocolate, vanilla or plain milk
  • raisins and buttermilk,
  • coconut water and banana,
  • low-fat Greek yogurt, banana 
  • oranges and yogurt