Reasons for Gaining Weight !

1. AGE-

As you age, there is a natural slowdown in metabolism due to loss of lean body mass. A reduced metabolism means your body is burning fewer calories than it used to.Therefore after a age consumption of calories should be changed.


Many research’s have shown that inadequate sleep (less than 7-8 hours a night) messes with the hunger and fullness hormones. What happen is when people remain awake late night, you may be up paying bills,watching movies or writing a report, you feel like having something comforting from kitchen, people try to reach unhealthy options chips,ice-cream,sodas,desert and they tend to consume more calorie-dense foods and which can cause weight gain.So next time If you really are hungry, and if you’ve been active during the day, a nutritious pre-bed snack may be a good thing!  like glass of milk,nuts, dried fruits,fresh fruits,buttermilk etc.


If you’re under a lot of stress (and who isn’t?), your body pumps out excess amounts of cortisol, the stress hormone, which has been linked to increased fat storage, especially around belly.


If you have been doing the same exercises day in and day out, your body has likely trained itself to perform them and actually burns fewer calories during that workout session. – sometimes eating right and exercising right don’t help in shedding extra weight because we hit that plateau. And to get off that plateau is strength training, which has been shown to be very effective in helping people manage their weight because the added muscle helps to offset the metabolism.Muscle is much more metabolically active than fat.

5. PCOS, HYPOTHYROIDISM (hormonal problems)-

Poly cystic ovarian syndrome is a condition of hormonal imbalances in women that leads to insulin resistance and increased body fat.If the thyroid is not producing enough thyroid hormone, your metabolism slows down. Taking thyroid-replacement medication controls most cases of hypothyroidism, but some can be fixed with dietary changes.


A number of prescription medications—for conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder—have the unfortunate side effect of weight gain. Some do so by slowing your metabolism, while others increase your appetite.


Highly processed, high-sugar, high-fat and low-fiber and are generally refined and a majority of them are rich in fat or in salt/sugar, and are calorie dense. They lack dietary fiber and micro nutrients and has altered the bacteria in our gut flora, which is linked to weight gain. The most familiar sugar is sucrose. Refined or table sugar (sucrose) provides “empty calories”. Foods such as cakes, pastries, confectionery and sweets often have high amounts of fat, and sugar, and are prepared with refined cereals. Excess consumption of sugary foods may lead to obesity and elevated blood lipids.Instant foods like noodles,soup powder etc are those, which undergo special processing designed to dissolve or to disperse particles more rapidly in a liquid than the untreated product. Although all instant foods need not be unhealthy in terms of high calorie or salt contents,high salt causes water retention which adds up the weight.